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C. Corbet

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Charles Corbet (1868-1936) married to Elisabeth De Bruyn - two children.
Corbet was an accountant. All his autochromes were taken between 1909 and 1914. Compared with his two other autochromist friends (A. Van Besten and P. Sano) Corbet seems to have been more subtle in the composition of his photographs. Lady in park avenue  is an example of the way Corbet attuned the attire of his model to the surrounding colours of nature. In the plate Reclining woman by river the artist worked on the contrast of the big boulders and the soft feminine form of his model. The almost monochromatic Melancholia breaths an atmosphere in which one can almost sense the upcoming Belgian Surrealist Movement. Corbet was always keen to picture sundowns of which there are quite a few examples in the collection. Especially  Sunset on the heath. The various studies of still lifes are also worthwhile analysing. Discover on the pages the beauty of Corbet’s autochromes by yourself.

Autochromes in:

  • Collection  F. Van Hoof-Williame

Member of:

  • The photographic association IRIS-Antwerp
  • Cercle Royal d’Etudes Photographiques et Scientifiques d’Anvers


  • Autochromes, Paris, Centre National de la Photographie, 1985
  • The autochromes of Charles Corbet, Calendar, Antwerpen, Photogravure De Schutter,1982
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